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Week of Nov. 2nd PTA events

Nov. 4th:  Meet in the Media Center for our monthly PTA meeting to hear all aspects of our School and Efforts.  All welcome.

Though not this week, our National PTA Reflections contest is approaching as well.  The due date is Nov. 13.  Thanks for participating. (For more details email

The International Holiday Shop is Friday, Nov. 20 at 6:30pm-9pm.  Still need volunteers for the International Holiday Shop: sign up here

The Book Fair will be Nov. 23 and 24 during Conferences.  Still need volunteers for our annual Book Fair: sign up here

PTA Word of the Week is: ENCOURAGE.

The PTA Word of the Week October Raffle Winner is: Carly B. from 3rd grade.  She wrote “Compromise:  to work a problem out so you both get what you want”.